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Kellie @35.3weeks

Kellie @35.3weeks
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Kellie Marie

Kellie Marie
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baby kellie

baby kellie

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my update with my dr appt

well just as I expected was to hear some bad news..baby is fine and growing well and heard a strong heartbeat but dr confirmed I have full placenta previa and dr is going to put me on complete bed rest pretty soon we will know alittle more at my next u/s in 4weeks also he had said I have a small subcronic bleed but he said the baby will get iron from it..I will start my progesterone shots at around 24 weeks...since my back to back preterm labor for both pregnancies started around 28weeks im at an even higher risk and we discuss today I will not go past 37 weeks but if I need c-section I will be schedule between 35-36 weeks to have the baby..Im really scared cuz dr told me i can't go into preterm labor with a placenta previa it could cause complications and i could hemmorrhage...

I can't even do anything,can't drive,lift,no sexual relations, and I can't go to pick up my son for the summer dr won't let me go out of state..how the hell am I going to take care of my kids until hubby gets home? Im not even sure if my insurance will cover a in house nurse..

Please say a prayer and my little baby

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

16weeks 4days

Today I completely have NO energy to do anything what so ever and it is so nice outside..well my hubby comes home early and is going to his eye dr appt and im going with him..next week I have my next dr appt and should be starting my progesterone shots once a week up until I reach 34weeks along..I can't wait until the big u/s day especially to find out for sure if im having a girl (which i think i had saw it was a girl on the last u/s) but we will see..The next couple of weeks is planning bobby's 8th bday party at karate school and invited over 20 of friends and will order his cake at end of the month..In 2months looking forward to having my older son Danny come down for the summer and will stay in maine for 2 nites at a friends house and then head back home to philly..

Friday, April 16, 2010

I had emergency u/s today(16week today)

i woke up this morning and had blood on my panites and dr called a scheduled a u/s to see what was going on..Baby is fine and measuring right on target but dr told me i have a low placenta and mention something about placenta previa or partial so i will have to find out at my next u/s appt..

saw baby's legs,arms and everything legs were stretched out and the tech didn't want to say or guess but i didn't see a jigger so it could be a girl but ofcourse have to wait alittle longer

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby kick for the 1st time

Yesturday I felt the baby kickfor the very 1st time although it wasn't a real hard kick but it was noticeable..My dr. appt is in 2weeks 3days and can't wait to hear my little baby's heartbeat again..Hard to belive im almost at my halfway mark :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

had the best Easter weekend Ever not only we had celebrated easter with my In laws but we bought a BRAND NEW 2011 Sienna LE 8 passenger minivan and we talk the dealer into adding a dvd player for FREE (1500 dollar retail) I just love it so much and couldn't even be happier and the kids love it so much too..now i can't wait to bring our new baby home in our new car :)